Thursday, November 19, 2015


I didn't blog our Turkey, Greece trip when it happened in 2014 so here it is.
 Kyle and I both got the "Istanbul Intestines" while there.  Thanks to Pharmacy Mekell for helping us.
 Our view of the Acropolis from the roof of our hotel.
 Theater at the Acropolis


 View of the Acropolis from Mars Hill

 Of course we had do to our traditional Segway tour.

Changing of the Guards at Syntagma square

 Ancient Angora (marketplace, gathering place)

 The Olympic stadium for the first modern Olympics

santorini 2014

We were in Santorini for 3 days.
There weren't any big attractions but, come on, just look at this.  I could have stayed here forever.

This was the view from our deck.

We took a painting class.  None of us are artists but our teacher somehow made our art turn out great.

Our "hot tub" that wasn't heated.

Inside one of the hundreds of little Greek orthodox churches.
Who doesn't like a donut the size of your head?