Monday, February 11, 2013

Key West (and some other things)

 Brooklyn and Emma cheered at a CSU mens basketball game.
 Emma even got on the jumbotron

 Brooklyn was star of the week at her school.
 She brought things to show her class that tells about her
 Mia fit right in to the class

 She brought her cheerleading jersey, a barbie (her favorite toy), a book of Alberta and a sheet that told about her family and all of her favorites.
 We took the girls out of school for a week and went to Key West.  This is our first taste of the beach.

 Breakfast on our verandah overlooking the pool.
 Many hours were spent at our pool and man made beach.

 Emma's first try using snorkel gear.  It didn't work so well.

 Relaxing by the pool.
 A lighthouse museum.

 We climbed to the top.  Some of the family are really scared of heights and didn't like it too much (Brookie, Emma and Daddy)

 This cool tree was right beside the lighthouse.
 This is out of order.  We will get back to it later.

 Mallory Square has street performers every night.  Emma was chosen to help one of the performers.

 She did great and was the star of the show.

 Also out of order.

 Beauty on the beach.

 Self portrait by the pool.

 Going in to the dolphin research center

 We rented a kayak for a little while.  Brookie wouldn't go on but everyone else enjoyed it.

 This is Emma way out in the distance.

 Shipwrick Museum

 Another tower to climb.  Kyle did better on this one but Brookie didn't.

 Old Town Bakery

 What a ham.
 First and last snorkel in the ocean.  It only lasted about 30 seconds.  Her skin was burning and water was getting in the snorkel.
 She found a coconut on the beach.  It became a football.
What a fabulous trip!