Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer 2016

Here is a jumble of pictures from the summer of 2016.  Once again, they are out of order.  We had a cousin photo shoot at the river bottom in Lethbridge.

 Emma's dance recital.
 Ellie going to EFY with Lacey Hancock
 Escape room with friends

 The musical Once

 Emma's recital again
 Ellie at EFY again

 Baseball game in Lethbridge


 Snuggles and crafts

 Homemade icecream

 Calgary Stampede

 Brad's workshop

 Neighbor's pool
 City Slide

 Sammy's kitties

 Matt's carwash

 Talent show

 Girl's Tim Hortons

 Writing on Stone

 Vulcan museum


 Pool and baseball game

 Feeding Buffalo in Wyoming

 Mia's party at fly high

 Red Rocks and Hammond's candy factory

 Temple open house

 Creamery and glow in the dark golf

 Back to school and nerf gun arena

 Temple again

 Emma's parade
 Back to school


 Diving restaurant

River bottom pics