Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Number seven

Emma is officially seven years old going on 25. She is full of fun and energy and adds excitment to our family. These are some of the presents she received for her birthday. For her party we went to Lollilocks which is a hair salon designed for kids.

The party was a spa theme. Everyone got their hair done, their toes and fingers painted and tattoos.

I think Brookie liked it the best. She loves getting beautiful.
They also made lip gloss, ate cupcakes and sang kareoke.
Everyone looked georgeous by the end.
This is a pic from Vegas that I forgot to post last time. I guess we tired her out.
The girls had their first piano recital. There were alot of people there watching and they both did fabulous!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Ellie and her friend had a hair salon. These are the beautiful doos they gave Brookie and me. We were able to go to Vegas for a long weekend. After we got there we went to the Hoover dam to check it out.
After that went to the Paris hotel to look around. My dad and uncle were in town for a business convention so we hooked up with them for dinner.
Ellie has her dad promising to take her to Paris for her sixteenth birthday so she was very excited to get this preview and stand under the Eiffel Tower. She was even wearing her favorite Paris shirt.
We met up with our fabulous dental school friends Rob and Ashley who we haven't seen for 2 1/2 years and we met their little girl Taylor. It was so fun to see them again. It felt like we have never been apart.
This is one of the gorgeous hotel lobbies.
The fountain shows at the Bellagio was one of our favorite sites. We watched it three times.

Brookie and Taylor became fast friends. It was cute to watch them together.

Family photo opportunity in front of a waterfall.
The Venetian hotel was also a favorite. Our authentic Italian gondalier sang to us and gave us a great ride.
I forgot to mention that we are minus a child in all the pics. Grandma and Grandpa Lambert ended up staying at our house for Grandpa to get surgery on his arm (Canadian healthcare would have had him waiting over a year). They graciously offered to take Mia and we accepted. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!