Friday, May 29, 2009

Mount Rushmore

Here are more pics of our Memorial Weekend trip. This is the gate where you enter Mount Rushmore. It was very rainy and foggy there and we were nervous that we wouldn't be able to see anything but the clouds parted and we had good views.

The group looking at the mountain.

Cool dude.

We spent the morning at Reptile Gardens where we saw an alligator wrestler, snakes and these giant turtles. One of them was over 150 years old.

The water park was alot of fun. This picture was taken after I almost drown Brooklyn as she slipped off the stair and into the water. She was under for a few seconds until I could get to her and fish her out.

Emma loved the "toilet bowl" and was great at steering her way into the hole.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Trip

Emma lost her first tooth last night. It needed a little help from Daddy but came out pretty easily. (Thank goodness he's a professional). She is growing up so fast.

For Memorial Day weekend we decided to go to Rapid City and Mount Rushmore. My parents met us there and we had a great time. On the way there we stopped at Jewel Cave and had a tour. Emma is going through a concrete square that you have to be able to fit through to go on the spelunking tour. We saw a lady try to go through it and she declared that it felt just like a mammogram.

The cave walls

The next day we went to bear country where you drive through a park filled with wolves, mountain lions, rams and, of course, bears. Brooklyn was enthralled and spent the whole time grunting and pointing. It was neat because the bears came right up to your car.

We thought it was so fun to see this bear in the tree relaxing.

After this day my camera ran out of battery, of course. When my mom sends me her pics I will post some of the water park, reptile land, and the big finale, Mount Rushmore.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another hodgepodge

Ellie after she received her art award at school.

Grandma and Grandpa Lambert were here taking care of the kids while we were in Hawaii. After we got home they stayed for a few days. This is a sweet picture of Grandmother and Granddaughter during Emma's soccer practice.

Isn't she cute?

Ellie's art was also chosen to be in a display in the mall. Here is her masterpiece.

Daddy's big 35th birthday.
The staff at work put a little party together for him. We went bowling. You can see Destiny (his hygenist), Candy (front desk) and Kathy (assistant).
What form!
The girls and I bought Kyle a treadmill for his birthday. This is the condition it is still in as we have not put it together yet. It better be up and running by his next birthday!