Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Fun and Festivities

October was a busy month with concerts, birthdays, fall activities and Halloween. Here is a rundown of our month. It started with Mia eating grilled cheese dipped in ketchup. I think that she thought the ketchup was to dip herself in. She smelled so gross.
Ellie had her fifth grade concert. They did Aesop's fables. She had a speaking part and did a great job. It was a fun concert.

One Saturday we went to a farm and pumpkin patch as is tradition for many. It is always fun and makes for cute pics.

They advertised pony rides. We were disappointed when we realized being pulled behind a miniature pony was what they meant. The kids still had fun.

If you are noticing that Ellie is missing from these pics, she stayed home. The teenager attitude has already kicked in and she decided that she was too cool to go to a pumpkin patch with her family.
We had some friends over for the annual pumpkin carving family home evening.

Ellie turned 11 this year. For her party we ordered pizza, went swimming and had a sleepover. The kids had fun and the parents survived. A success in my book.
One of the presents from her parents was this engraved jewelry box.
Halloween. Cowgirl
Zombie fairy
Little red riding hood. (She has a rug-burn on her face from a face-plant a few days earlier.)
The girls have been asking me to dress up for the last couple of years so I decided to join the fun this year.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Emma's baptism

This weekend was Emma's baptism. It is crazy that she is old enough to be getting baptized. How did that happen?Before we went to the church we presented her with a few gifts: scriptures and case from Gr and Gr Sherwood, baptism bracelet from aunt Binny, necklace and baptism book from Gr and Gr Lambert and jewelry box and baptism necklace from mom and dad.
None of the Sherwood side was able to come but they sent us some videos of them singing songs. One was from the cousins and one was from Grandpa.

We had a ward baptism so there were two other children from Emma's baptism class getting baptized at the same time; Anna and Caeden.
Grandma and Grandpa Lambert were able to come be with us for this special day which was wonderful. Because we didn't have much family there we didn't have a big dinner afterwards. Instead we went to Chili's. Emma was just as happy with her cheese quesadilla and chocolate molten lava cake and mom didn't have any dishes to do.