Monday, January 4, 2010

Three Christmases

This year we were lucky enough to have three Christmases. The first Christmas was at our house in Colorado on December 19th. We had hot chocolate, read a Christmas story and then each child was able to open their "big" present from Mom and Dad. (We didn't want to transport all the gifts to Canada)

Brookie got this kitchen so now she can cook along side of me when I am making dinner.

Emma's present was a kareoke machine and Ellie's was a Nintendo DS which she ended up playing for 13 of the 14 hours to Canada.

Our second Christmas was about an hour away from Lethbridge in Mountain View, Alberta. We stayed in in a bed and breakfast with all the cousins. We played, ate, exchanged gifts, ate, slept (although not very much) and then ate again.

Even though it was very cold it was the perfect Christmas setting with snow and frost on the mountains and on every branch. It was beautiful.

Here are 11 1/2 of the 12 Sherwood cousins (sorry Boo Boo)

Uncle Josh always entertains the kids and is doing a great job here reading 'Petite Rouge' with a fuunny accent. I don't think the kids understood a word he was saying but it was fun.

We had a talent show. Ellie is played the piano and Emma played with two of her cousins who knew the same song.

Our third Christmas was in Vulcan with the Lamberts. This one occurred on actual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Every year on Christmas Eve we read 'Lowly the Worm'.

One of the fun activities we did while in Canada was sleding. It was freezing cold but we all had a great time.

Emma was heading straight for me. I was able to take the picture and then dive out of the way.

Two little cousing helping eachother up the hill.

We had a great time in Canada and a wonderful holiday. Hope all of you did as well.