Saturday, July 3, 2010

We love cousins

This last week we were excited to have Josh, Traci, Taylor, Nathan and Drew come to visit from Canada. We love seeing family and the cousins had a great time together. But before I tell you about their visit there are a few other things I need to show first, like how adorable Mia looks while sleeping. I love the arms behind the head with the tiny elbows sticking out. Here are the kids with Daddy on Father's day just after we took him out for lunch and gave him his cards and presents.
Here are the cute cousins Brookie, Nathan and Drew. Some of the fun activities we did while they were here include swimming, parks, jumpin' (astro jump place), concert in the park, drive-in movie and going out to eat (of course).
On Monday we went to get a trampoline while we had Josh here to help us put it together. (Thanks Josh). Of course the box was just as fun as the tramp. The kids decorated it and then used it as a club house complete with mailbox and window boxes with flowers.

Kids waiting for the tramp to finally be finished.

I was very lucky to have extended family here for my birthday as usually we are apart. Josh took the little kids while Traci and I had a girls day out with Ellie, Emma and Taylor. We got pedicures but, of course, I forgot my camera. Here are the finished products.
After we got out toes done we went for smoothies. Then later that day we all went out for dinner. It was a great birthday.
The kids decided they wanted to sleep on the tramp. Josh was kind enough to go with them. All was well until 4:00am when the sprinklers went on in the green strip just outside our yard and got everyone wet. They made a mad dash into the house trying to get all the blankets and pillows off the tramp. Fun memories!
Thanks for a great week Sherwoods. We are looking forward to coming up to Canada soon.