Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We began our Halloween weekend with a costume parade and Halloween parties at school on Friday. Friday was Ellie's actual 10th birthday so after school we began her spa party. We decorated the basement to look like a spa by placing candles all over, dimming the lights and covering the sofas with white sheets. Soft spa music was playing. As each girl entered the spa she was given instructions and a welcome by Emma and then given a towel, face cloth and head band to keep her hair back.

One of the stations was making bath salts with different colored pepperment scented bath salts.

The finished product.

Fingers and toes were also beautified.

Face masks were applied. The girls came out with glowing skin after some relax time in the toy room.

Brookie was in heaven surrounded by the big girls and getting georgeous. She is such a girlie girl. I can't paint her toes often enough.
There was also a hair styling station.

After the girls were relaxed and beautiful we had cake, presents, popcorn and a movie and then a sleep over. It turned out to be a great party.

The next day was trunk-or-treating at the ward party and Sunday, of course, was the actual Halloween. Ellie was a pirate and Brookie was a flamenco dancer.

We picked up this costume while in Spain so it is authentic.

Emma was a beautiful genie.

Mia was going to be a puppy (leftover costume from three other girls before her) but she was feeling under the weather so she never got to use it. I'm sure she won't be too broken up over it.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!