Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Kyle got the opportunity to go rafting last summer with some friends but I forgot to post about it so here are some pics.
They rafted on the Colorado River which was the highest it had been in awhile.

All returned safely but they had one girl go overboard.
He had a great time and is excited to do it again. He also completed the Tough Mudder last summer which is a 10 mile race designed by British special forces. There are obstacles along the route such with the last one having you run through hanging cords with electrical currents running through them. One of his teammates got knocked out during this obstacle. Kyle came home very dirty with some scrapes and bruises but he made it. Unfortunately I can't find any pictures of this adventure but will post them later if I can locate them.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Colorado Visitors

This week we had a host of Canadian visitors. First Matt, Lily and their kids came and then Josh and three of his kids came. We love having family visit and had a great time. Mini golf was on of our first activities.I think we went to three or four parks during the week.
We had a mini photo shoot at the Windsor lake and playground.

There was just a little ice cream consumed throughout the week.
Firefighters at the Children's Museum in Denver.

Delicious pizza.

Telling stories by the fire was the best way to finish our great days.

All week the kids worked on a art gallery and museum.
After it was completed we were invited to the grand opening.

It is tradition to go to sonic in our pjs when Josh comes to town.

Red rocks theater.

We also went swimming, to the Denver museum of Nature and Science and to "Wicked". We had a great time and loved every minute with our family!