Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Fun

This past month has been alot of fun. We took a trip up to Canada to visit cousins. A day before we arrived my baby sister had her first baby, Rebecca. I was interested to see how Brooklyn would react to a baby as we will be having our own in two weeks. She absolutely loved her and wanted to hold her constantly. This made me feel relieved. She will probably drive me crazy wanting to hold the baby all the time but it is better than being jealous and aggressive.

We rented an Astro jump for a day. The kids played on it for six hours straight, only stopping for lunch.

Uncle Josh playing with the babies. All the kids love him. (The grown-ups do too because he will entertain the kids)

We had a sleepover in Grandma's backyard. Most of the kids stayed in the tent all night. (Quite a success).

Matt and Lily brought over their Wii. I think they are throwing paper balls at the teacher in this picture.

My mom's sister, Aunt MarJane and her husband, Uncle Greg were able to come spend a few days with us on their way home to California from a trip to B.C. It was great to see them as I love spending time with them. Uncle Greg is facinating all the kids with a mixed up story of Cinderella.

Cute Mackinley sharing her popsicle with Brooky.

Aunt Traci's dad takes boat tours down the Milk River and was kind enough to take us. This is Traci, Taylor and Emma. We saw cows, an owl, river sparrows in their nests on the cliffs and a family of Canadian Geese.

The tour ends at Writing on Stone where there are sandstone formations called Hoodoos that you can climb all over. This is Ellie on top of one. The kids loved exploring and climbing the hoodoos.

Crazy hair Brooklyn at the spray park.

All the grandkids outside of Grandma's house. There are eleven, all under the age of nine. It gets pretty crazy when they are all together.

After our great trip to Canada, my brother Josh, his wife Traci and their three kids drove down to Colorado with us. We had a great time showing them around our neck of the woods. This is a picture of Ellie in the Children's museum in Denver. After the museum we went to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The Capital building in Denver.

Fun at a lake in Windsor.

We had a great July with all the cousins and will miss them terribly. Now we just have to get ready for our family addition in a couple of weeks.