Sunday, March 8, 2015

Everything but the kitchen sink

Brookie had a Thanksgiving reader's theater at her school.  She was the cutest pilgrim there.

 Here is our annual gingerbread house making family home evening.  More candy gets in the mouths than on the houses.

 We took the girls to White Christmas dinner theater.
 This might become a tradition too.

 Ellie's Christmas choir concert and Emma's Christmas dance program
 Christmas at MVI

 Semi-annual Sherwood family talent show

 Christmas at the Lambert's
 Annual pizza making
 One sick little girl


Semi-annual climbing wall.  This was Mia's first time

Progress on the Fort Collins in January 2015

 Brookie and her school friends
 Brookie's first grade performance

 Hot lips
 For Brooklyn's birthday we went to Foodie's where we made pizza and decorated cakes.

 Brooklyn's first piano recital

 All the girls did great

 Emma's dance troupe opened for a Nuggets/Jazz game