Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas in Canada

 After Christmas #1 in Colorado we moved on to Christmas #2 in Mountain View with all the Sherwood cousins.
 The kids sat in a line from oldest to youngest to begin the present opening.
 Grandma and Grandpa have the tradition of giving church clothes for Christmas.

 They always do a great job of picking pretty dresses.
 The cousin gift exchange brought two blankets,

 a purse,
 and duct tape to make duct tape crafts.

 We love our cousins!!
 The Sherwood Christmas also always includes a talent show.
 I must say the Lamberts stole the show this year with "Double Dream Hands".
 We may have to make this a tradition.
 Brookie sang a solo.
 And so did Mia.
 Then we were on the Christmas #3 at the Lamberts.
 Christmas Eve always brings THE BEST homemade pizza and chocolate dessert.
 And we must read "Lowly Worm".
 And put out cookies for Santa with a note.
 Brookie was the first up (no surprise there)

 Emma woke up happy.

 Ellie, not so much.

 But she eventually got into the mood.

 Soon after the opening stockings Mia started to feel sick.

 She was able to open presents though.
 Brookie got her highly anticipated dream light.

 After presents Mia gave in to her illness.

 My cowgirls.

 Sledding with the Sherwoods.

 New Year's we went to the Family Festival.

 Then we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's where Lily organized a gift to open every hour.
 This was #1

 These wood crafts were another present.  Other ones included pedacure supplies, wii games, chocolate, noise makers and glow sticks.
 For lunch one day we made pretzels.

 Best cousins.