Saturday, March 20, 2010

Californ IA

For Spring break we were able to meet my parents in Newport Beach, CA. We had a great time and perfect weather. The first day we drove around and went on a short ferry ride to Balboa Island. This is a picture of the island from the ferry. After church on Sunday we walked around the temple.
On Monday we spent some time in Laguna Beach, which is a city with cute shops and a fun beach. This is the fam. on the boardwalk.

One of the many swim times at the hotel.
Dad had a few girls to play with in the pool as my cousin Laura and her adorable girl Zoe came to swim as well.
Here is my fab. cousin Laura with the two second cousins Zoe and Mia. It was great to have Laura there as we don't see eachother often enough.

We hiked down to some tide pools at Crystal Cove but the girls weren't as adventerous as I had hoped. There was a big bug crossing the trail that we almost didn't get past. Then the tide pools were full of little flies. We didn't last long.

This is our big beach day. It was perfect weather. My Aunt MarJane was able to come with us which added to the fun.
Brookie could have stayed there all day. My little beach bum.

Playing frizbee with dad.

I am showing you our future home. Only a few more root canals honey.

Our last day was at Disneyland. Another wonderful cousin, Nicole and her darling daughter, Gracie were able to come with us for part of the day. Gracie and Brookie enjoyed their ice cream bars. Thank goodness for wipes.

Emma was pulled out on the street to join the parade for a minute and do the twist.

...and play a drum.
What a fabulous vacation we had. Thanks to my parents, Aunt and Uncle and cousins for making it extra special.