Saturday, October 31, 2015

Paris - Day 4

Day 4 took us to Versailles.
 We took a train out and arrived as they were opening it.
 It was very cold but we were lucky enough to have purchased a tour of the private King's quarters so we got right in.

 Part of our tour involved the opera house as well.

 This is the hall of mirrors

This is the chapel
And, of course, the King's bed
 The grounds were beautiful. We walked through them quickly as it was so cold.

 This is outside the Grand Trianon, one of the smaller palaces around Versailles.

 The Petite Trianon was Marie Antoinette's favorite house.

 Marie Antoinette loved the idea of village life so she had one built on the property.

After exploring Versailles we walked over to the temple site.
It should be done in the next year.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Paris - Day 3

We started the day wandering through the opera house.

 This is the grand staircase. 

 The auditoriaum

 And the grand hall. (Not a bad place to spend the intermission)

That is Ellie on the balcony.
 The afternoon was spent at the Eiffel Tower.

We caught a boat at this bridge to take us closer to the tower.

 We arrived a little early for our scheduled time so we decided to get off the boat early and walk down to the tower.

 There are 3 floors you can go on and of course we had to do all of them.  The first floor has this glass floor you can see through.  We couldn't convince Kyle to come on.

 Ahh...Paris at night is so beautiful.

 We watched the tower sparkle of two separate nights.  One was from this bridge.
 The other was from right in front of it.