Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Six weeks old

It is Mia's six week birthday today. The weeks have flown by. She is growing fast and doing well. She has started to give a few smiles. You have to work hard for them though. I think I have heard one or two coos.

Brooklyn wants to do everything her big sisters do. She is all ready to go off to school here. Every morning she wants to follow them to the school bus. A few more years Brookie.

Ellie went to a mystery bithday party. She was given the character of a hobo so we put this costume together. We had fun ripping, cutting and drawing on clothes. Something that usually you are not allowed to do. I thought she looked great. The stick is a broken croquet mallet that Brooklyn smashed. I guess it isn't all bad when your kids break something.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life with Baby

After Mia was born my mom came to help out for two weeks. At the end of th two weeks my dad, sister SaraLyn and her six week old baby Becca came to pick my mom up. This is SaraLyn snuggling the two babies. She declared this "heaven".
The cousins together. Cute together now, trouble together in a few years.

We went to a flower garden on the University campus after church. Brooklyn almost blends in with the flowers.

My big baby and little baby. Brooklyn all of a sudden looks huge. We have always called her 'baby' but now there is a new baby in town. It has taken us a little while to get used to calling her 'little girl' instead.

Big sister Ellie. What a great big sister she is. She is such a help to me and so sweet to her sisters.