Thursday, April 16, 2015


 For Christmas we gave the kids a trip to Orlando for spring break.  We met Grandma and Grandpa Sherwood there.  This is our hotel.
 The day after we arrived we drove to the Gulf side to go to Clearwater beach.

 Next up, Disney world.
 Brooklyn became an honorary pirate with Capt. Jack Sparrow

 We watched 2 parades. This one and the light parade at night.

 These pictures are out of order.  When I upload them it mixes up the order.  There are more Disney pictures to come.  But for now, we move on to St. Augustine.
 St. Augustine is on the Atlantic side about 2.5 hours north east of Orlando.  It is the oldest European settlement in America, originally settled by the Spanish.  There are many historical buildings and it is great to walk around.  We needed about 3 more days here.
 We took a tour of the old town and this was our guide.  He was very entertaining and humorous.
 Brooklyn and Mia are peeking out of the fort.
 Sorry, out of order again.  More temple pictures and St. Augustine pictures to come.

 One of our many ice creams at the lighthouse ice cream parlor at our hotel.

 More of Clearwater beach.

 More Disney.

 Boating at the hotel.

 More St. Augustine

 The fort

 Mia is on the pot.
 More ice cream

 Tie dying at the hotel