Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hawaii and a few Easter pics

 Easter morning
 The Easter Bunny always brings Spring dresses,
 and of course, lots of candy.
 The girls also left out empty plastic eggs and the Easter Bunny filled them and then hid them.

 Ready for church in their Easter dresses.

 We waited for Grandma and Grandpa Lambert to come down before we dyed eggs so we did that Sunday afternoon.

 We met my parents and siblings in Hawaii to celebrate my parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  Grandpa and Grandma Lambert stayed with the kids while we flew off to paradise.
 This was our first sunset of the trip.

 This is the view right outside our hotel window.
 Here we are at Gaylord's plantation where we had a nice lunch and walked around the grounds.

 Traci and Josh took us to glass beach where there are thousands of tiny pieces of colored glass that has been smoothed by the waves.

 Poi pu beach
 We went on a sunset cruise for a couple of hours.

 The next day we went up to Ke' e beach.  The waves were exciting to watch.

 Next was zip lining.
 Kyle had a little trouble getting the helmet on his melon.

 Zip lining was a great way to have fun and see some beautiful scenery.

 There was a pretty waterfall under this bridge.

 The last zip was a race between two people.  I am happy to report the women in the family did really well.  Lily, SaraLyn and I all won our races (sorry Traci).

 The next day we went up to look at the Napali Coast.
 And Waimea canyon.

 After a hike in the canyon in which Traci slid down the shale and scraped up er leg, we went to a wonderful concert featuring four of the best Hawaiian musicians.

 Our last day was to Old Kaloa town, Spouting horn and back to the beach.

 While we were at the beach we saw 10 or 11 turtles.  I went in to get a closer look at two of them.  A wave came and smashed me against some rocks scraping my leg.
We had such a great trip.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate my parents.  Every morning one of the kids would talk about special memories they have of my parents and we would talk about what was going on in 1963.  It was a great way to start our day and keep the focus on the reason we were there.  Thanks mom and dad.