Saturday, June 12, 2010

Broken Camera

Well, our old camera finally broke. It was the first digital camera we got about seven or eight years ago. It was a 2.5 MP dinosaur and we loved it. We had received a more modern camera for a present one Christmas and didn't like it as much so we went back to the oldie but goodie. Anyway, I dropped it one too many times and it is officially dead. It took us awhile to get the pics off the old camera so these pics are from a month ago. This is Emma's last soccer game of the season. Her team really improved over the season. It was fun to watch.
For one of the last days of school they had a field day where they played games outside. We met them for a picnic lunch.

Isn't she cute? She already has a better tan than I do. (not that that's hard)

Ellie received the kindness award for her class this year. She was nominated by other students in her class. When they were giving out the award they read some of the things that the students wrote about them. One student said that if everyone was more like Ellie the world would be a better place. We were so proud that she received this award and of the kind person she is.
They did the award ceremony on "crazy hair day". Hence, the crazy hair.

The kindergarten classed did a very cute last day performance and Emma (no teeth Lambert) received her kindergarten graduation certificate.

This is Emma and her darling teacher Mrs. Grauer.

For Memorial Day weekend we took a trip to Colorado Springs, where I killed to camera. Here we are at the cool graffe exhibit at the zoo where you get to feed the giraffes.

We also went to Garden of the Gods and climbed around the cool rock formations.

It was a fun weekend but Brookie got a little sick and I was reminded that it is hard to travel with four kids.