Friday, January 20, 2017

November and December, 2016

 This one is out of order but Taylor and Ellie have a tradition to go night swimming when we are in Canada for the holidays.  This year they saw a huge herd of deer while they were out.
 Our little basketball player, Brookie

 Emma was selected from her choir to participate in a studio recording of one of her songs.
 Kyle was the cutest wise man for our ward party.

 Emma was a toy soldier for a dance from her performance team.

 Brookie's art was chosen to be in an art show at the mall.
 Mia's Christmas concert

 Emma's Christmas concert
 Colorado Christmas was especially fun this year because after we received these cool Harry Potter shirts we got a trip to Harry Potter World. On Christmas morning Santa also brought us a trip to Hawaii.

 Kyle and I went to see Finding Neverland.  It was fantastic.
 Christmas in Canada.  There was lots of snow this year.  Good thing we have Rudolph to help guide us.

 Ice skating

 Mountain view inn.

 This year grandma taught us how to make homemade chocolates.

 The ukes were a big hit.  Even the little girls were trying.  The big girls started to get really good.
 Saying good bye is always hard.
 We stopped in Helena to hang out with the Lybberts.

The Colorado Symphony and Gregory Alan Isakov.