Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mixed Bag

There are a few new things to report on. We did the annual fall farm thing. (Not as cool as the Pittsburgh farms but still fun.) Here we are in the corn maze.
They had a gun that shot corn out using pressurized air. Both girls got a turn shooting the corn.

This is a catapult that shoots pumpkins. If you look very closely you can see the pumpkin in the air. It was fun to watch because it shot them really high and far.

They had a playground of hay. Emma is popping up from a hay tunnel.

Mia is 2 1/2 months old now and growing so fast. I am neglecting to take pictures of her but I wanted to get a few of her expressions. This is her pleasant smile.

Her big cheesy, I am goin to laugh any minute smile.

Her "What the .... " look.

There was a Halloween party at the school on Friday. Here are the kids in their costumes. Emma is a fancy witch.

Ellie is a hobo; previously viewed on this blog as a mystery birthday party costume. (I love it when they want to recycle).

My little Tinkerbell.

All the Lambert ladies together.

The girls with some of their best friends, all who live across the street.

We had Ellie's birthday party. It was held at a rollerskating rink.

Some of the girls had never skated before but it turned out to be really fun.

I really can't believe that my oldest child is nine. I know every mother says that as their children grow up but really, where does the time go? We love having her in our family. She is the best sister to have and adds so much fun and joy in our lives.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Avid for Adventure

This week at the girls' school they had a company called 'Avid for Adventure' come in and set up outdoor activities for the students to do. Yesterday Ellie's grade was outside all day doing the activities. After school parents were allowed to come and watch what the students had been doing and siblings were allowed to try. Emma's class goes today but she tried everything yesterday as well. There was a bike course with obsticles. Emma needed a little help on the big bumps but other than that she did really well.
Here's Ellie going over one of the obstacles. The climbing wall is in the background.

Both of my monkeys did great on the climbing wall.

So close to the top!!
There was a pool for kayaking.
The activities were alot of fun and the girls did great. What a fun school day!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Emma is six!!

Emma had her six year birthday. One of her presents from us was this American girl doll, Felicity. Brooklyn loves her and carries her around all day when Emma is gone. We had a birthday party at Fort Fun. We had pizza, cake, played games and jumped in a jumping castle. Everyone had a great time.

This is the kiddos on the bumper cars.

As you can tell Emma was quite excited about this present. One thing about Emma is that you never have to guess what she is feeling.

One of Emma's gifts was a 'swim to me puppy' that comes with these goggles. Brookie likes them better on her than the puppy.

This is the best I could do to get a smiling picture of Mia. She is a tough nut to crack so even though the lighting isn't good I thought I would post this pic anyway because I was excited that I got any reaction. She is already too cool for Kyle and usually looks away when he is trying to talk to her. Can't wait for the teenage years.