Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another mish mosh

 Ok, here goes catching up on the blog.  Brooklyn and Emma finished their season with the Remmettes.  They loved it and were SUPER cute!
 Emma had a poetry cafe in her class.  She did a great job reciting her funny poem.

 Brooklyn did a fabulous job at her year end concert at Resurrection Fellowship Preschool.

 Emma also read a book to her class one day.

 Emma's year end concert.

 Brooklyn had another school show to show all the parents some of the things they had learned during the year.  She loved her preschool and teachers Miss Kim and Miss Lisa.

 Matt and Lily and kids came for a fun visit.  We went to the aquarium in Denver one of the days.

 And saw real live mermaids!!!

 We also went to the museum of nature and science.

 Digging for dinosaur bones.

 For Emma's birthday mom took her and her bestie, Kathie Cakes, to Elich gardens.
 It was an awesome day.  The park was quiet so we got on all the rides right away.

 Brookie had a kindergarten field trip to a farm.
 We picked potatoes,
 carrots, onions and pumpkins.

 Ellie had a sleepover glow-in-the-dark party for her birthday.

 Halloween time again!
 Zebra and "onion from bicable me" as Mia calls it.

 Greek Goddess
 Lemon from Strawberry Shortcake

 And Scarecrow.