Friday, May 29, 2015

End of the School year

 I can't believe the end of the school year is here already.
 Emma qualified to run in the city track meet.
 She ran the 50m, 75m, 4x50 relay and competed in the shotput.
 Our YW did a temple walk.  We walked from our church building to the temple site.  It was 12 miles.  The girls did great and it will be a great memory for them.

 Emma had an end of the year recital and danced fabulously.  She is moving studios next year to take ballet and other classes.

 Ellie had her 8th grade graduation.  She is excited for high school but very sad to leave Kinard.  She has really loved it there.

 Mia had her kindergarten graduation.  They put on and adorable program for all the parents.

 Her teacher Mrs. Eddy

 Emma had her 5th grade graduation.  She is also very sad to be leaving her school.  She has had many wonderful teachers and great friends.  About half of her friends will be going to a different middle school than her so she will miss them.
 She received the president's award for getting straight As this year.

 Her wonderful teacher Mrs. Rossi

Shawn Mendes

 I just like these pictures of Ellie.  She is pretty cute.

 I was able to take Ellie and Emma to a Shawn Mendes concert.  It was in a standing room only theater.  I thought that getting there 2 1/2 hours early would be plenty.  I underestimated the excitement and stamina of 13 year old girls.
 Standing in line.
 There were actual tears from Emma when he first came out.
 Every parent of teenage girls should have this experience.  I was falling over laughing at the high pitched squeals and fainting (yes, truly fainting) girls but it was so fun to share this with my daughters.