Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School begins

It is hard to believe that another summer is gone and another school year is beginning. We had a fun summer playing in the sun with friends, visiting family and having family visit us. Now it is back to work. Here is the C.E.O of the family taking a break from giving orders. We got a tramp this year and it is great for the hair.
Here are the first day of school pictures. Emma started grade one and is now gone for the full day. She likes her teacher and has already made some new friends in her class.
Ellie is entering the fourth grade. She is growing up so fast. She was excited because she got the teacher she was hoping for and wants to be on the student counsil this year.
Last weekend we thought that it was pretty pathetic that the summer was almost over and we hadn't been to Estes Park yet so we strapped the kids on our backs and went for a little hike.
Cooling off with some icecream and a foot bath.
August also brought our Mia's first birthday. We were fortunate to have Kyle's sister and her family with us to celebrate.
Mia is just barely starting to walk. She is in to everything, however, and is starting to bug Brooklyn by getting into everything Brooklyn is playing with. She has a big smile with three teeth and loves to play. We have enjoyed this year with her and look forward to watching her grow.