Friday, June 20, 2014

Dance recital and baby chicks

 Brooklyn and Mia's first dance recital.
 Brooklyn danced to Route 66.
 Mia danced to Locomotion

 They both did a great job.

 At first they were "nervexcited", a work they invented meaning both nervous and excited.
 But then they were just excited.
 Some friends had 3 chicks hatch so we paid them a visit.

 They were so cute and soft.

 This chicken is still sitting on about 8 or 10 more eggs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

End of the school year

 In May my wonderful, funny, talented Aunt MarJane passed away.  I was able to fly to the funeral in California. It was nice to see family that I haven't seen for years. I was also able to see Elder Christofferson which is always a wonderful experience.
 Mia graduated from preschool.
 Her class put on an end of the year performance.

 All of my kids will be in school next year...Weird!

 Brooklyn's class had a Kindergarten celebration with lots of songs as well.

 This is her teacher Mrs. Busselman
 And her best friend Marley
 I took Emma and her friend Lia to a Zendaya concert at Elitch Gardens.

 Before the concert they taught the kids some dances.

 Emma loved the concert. It was fun for her to see someone she has watched on t.v.