Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer Fun

 We began the summer staying with the Lybbertts.
 We had an amazing weekend eating, boating, catching frogs, laughing and playing.

 The first day in Lethbridge Mia fell on the monkey bars at "Sherwood Park" and got a big shiner

 The rest of the summer was filled with ice cream,
 "Da Squish",
 air show,
 Writing on Stone,


 Wally's beach,

 more ice cream,

 mini golfing,

 more parks,
 talent show,


 more ice cream,
 more Da Squish,

 and more swimming.  Canada is never a disappointment.
 When we returned to Colorado cousins came to visit us!!

 The last day before everyone left was Mia's birthday and baptism day.

 The rock wall and air show were in Lethbridge but are out of order.

Great summer.   Now back to school

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