Saturday, April 1, 2017

Harry Potter World and Hawaii

Brooklyn and our neighbor (and one of her best friends) Lily Wale performed in the school talent show.  They choreographed their own skipping rope routine and performed it like pros.
 Emma had her first Showcase for her  performance dance team.
 In February we took a weekend to go to Harry Potter World in California.  It was a little cold and chilly but we still had an amazing time.  The first night we were there we went to In 'n Out burger.  As soon as we walked in Ellie and Emma noticed that Nat Wolff, an actor, was there.  They were very excited that we had a celebrity siting.  We sat by him and got a picture with him.
 We all wore our Harry Potter shirts (of course)

 Brooklyn and Mia got chosen to be part of the wand choosing ceremony.  Here her wand is choosing Mia.
 Ollivander's wand shop
 My little wizards.
 The sorting hat sorted all of us.  Emma is Griffindour,  Ellie and Brooklyn are Hufflepuff, Mia and Mom are Slitherin and Dad is Ravenclaw.
 Hogswarts.  We went on this ride many, many times.
 Each girl got their own wand that could do spells all over Hogsmeade.  Here Brooklyn is turning the plates of treats.
 We only spent a few hours of the weekend outside of Harry Potter World.  This is one of those times.
 All aboard the Hogswarts Express.
 Chocolate frogs or every flavored beans anyone?
 We consumed A LOT of butterbeer.  Cold, frozen, hot......we drank it all.
 Mia was sick the second day so dad stayed at the hotel with her while the rest of us went back to one of our favorite places on earth.
 Frank was our favorite wizard.  He helped us do magic and even told Ellie how to get a job their when she is older.

 Hollywood walk of fame
 Harry Potter cast
 Emma sand the national anthem at a hockey game.
 Then off to Hawaii!!!
 Our first morning there, soaking in the sun and view.
 We fed the koi fish many mornings.

 Spouting Horn
 Our first of many Hula pies.  This one was at Keoki's
 First time snorkeling.
 Poipu beach

 Playing with cousins.

 Look at this six pack.
 Sunset at Poipu.
 These sea lions wanted to sun on the beach.
 Running away from the waves.
 Ukulele lessons.
 Whale watching cruise.

 We were able to see quite a few whales.

 Mia's tummy didn't really like the ocean.

 Swinging bridge.
 Overlooking the Taro fields.
 Tunnels beach, our new favorite beach.

 Dry cave

 Pool time.  Brooklyn won the football in a tubing race at the hotel pool.
 The Radical club.
 We went to Bubba's twice.  The cousins went 3 times.  Mmmmmm
 This turtle came up on the beach for a rest.
 Shaved ice.
 Luau show.

 Farmer's market.
 Dad, Brooklyn and Mia ate crickets.  Mom......not a chance.

 We rented kayaks on the Wailua river.

 And hiked to the secret waterfall.  I didn't take pictures of the hike because it was crazy; beautiful, but crazy.  It was so muddy and slippery I didn't want to have my phone out.  We were ankle deep in mud.  We all made it though, and this was our reward.
 It is hard to see but this is Kyle, Ellie, Emma and Kayla under the waterfall.

 More beach

 Cute cousins!
 This is the view from our hotel room.  Matt and Lily and family left the day before we did, so we had one day without them.
 We were looking for malasadas the whole time we were there and finally found them the last day.  They were worth the wait.
 We drove up to Waimea canyon.
 Kyle took the little girls back to the hotel for a swim and Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and Ellie and Emma continued up the canyon.
 Napali coast.

 This is in the gardens at the hotel.

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